Would He, Or Wouldn't He?

President Trump Apparently Uplifts the Kremlin at US' Expense

Over the past two years or so, we have been subject to a President-elect and now President who erodes our confidence in our institutions, at least when they are run by a former reality star. In a recent press conference, when asked if the Russians are actively interfering in our elections, Donald Trump said what most of us are thinking: "No, thank you." But alas, the Trump Administration is here to stay (for now), and the LGBTQ Community, plus all of Tulare and the United States, are jeopardized by a seemingly misguided President.

President Trump may not want to comment on Russian intereference, but he is thereby ignoring ample evidence to the contrary. In particular, the countless intelligence agencies of our country act as a chorus of support for this notion. The recent meeting in Helsinki between Putin and Trump showed many of us that our Commander-in-Chief is not vigilant, let alone deterrant, of Russia, opening us up to bad actors.

This matters to Tulare organizations like this LGBT Organization, especially because Tulare's Rep. Devin Nunes has created numerous documents and memos that support the agenda of the President in this matter. Tulare's interests are contringent upon the success of the federal government, just like everywhere in our country, and Tulare needs attentive electeds, like any city.

The LGBTQ Community is also watching the Russia investigation closely, but for different reasons. In this community, folks are curious whether or not the current administration will be held to account for their transgressions and allegations. This, rather than allowing them to apparently create distractions and inflict harm on minority communities, such as through the failed 'Transgender Ban' in the military. 

As a result of this urgency and relevance to communities, all our collective jaws dropped when the President of the United States went on-air to distinguish between "would" and "wouldn't". Clearly, this administration was reluctant to admit there was even a problem, as Trump tweeted and made comments supporting his press conference with Putin, during which he made it clear who he trusted and whose advice he was willing to believe. Hence, the President gave frustrated and impeachment-minded citizens yet another reason -- if not treason.


Blaine M.L.

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